Sabine Jacobs has been interested in photography since childhood, shooting professionally since 2008. She incorporates many photographic styles in her work and is interested in a variety of subjects. Using innovative as well as traditional photographic and editing techniques, Sabine has developed an impressive portfolio and her own signature style. Her refusal to conform to the stifling trend of ever increasing specialization has lead to a uniquely diverse body of work.

Currently signed with six photo agencies across Europe and the U.S., Sabine continues to work as a freelancer in many photographic fields ranging from interior photography for hotels to commissioned photographic artwork for book covers and other publishing formats. Her work has also been featured internationally in magazines, commercial advertising, and galleries.

Many of Sabine's photographs can be purchased as prints or licensed for various uses either directly from this website or through her agencies.

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      tamingoftheshrew05140278 The Taming of the Shrew
Holy Innocents Roman Catholic Church ~ New York City ~ Film Noir un-con-ven-tio-nal New York City Skyline in Red | New York City ~ USA New York City | The Big Apple
Abtenau, Austria | Little Chapel in the Winter Land & Places Chrysanthemums No.2 | Chrysanthemen No.2 Nature Photography
Oktoberfest in Munich, Bavaria 369 Oktoberfest Munich Late Afternoon in the Mountains | Panorama Panorama
Water Droplets, white {Water Photography} Liquid Art | Wasser A Pile of Corn and Kernels ~ Food Photography Food Photography
Glass with a Pink and a Blue Straw | Zwei bunte Strohhalme Objects | Objekte exterior 5 [Außenaufnahmen] Exterior Photography
interior 14 [Innenaufnahmen] Interior Photography