Flora Press - another new agency contract

Hi everybody!

Finally......I'm happy to announce that my first few images are now online on my NEW agencies' websites!

Now, what's the deal? A few months back I was looking for more photo agencies. I had three criteria: 1. they should be more specialized in certain fields 2. they should fall more in the category "boutique agency" 3. they need to fit my work. The fourth, secret criteria was that they should have really good, quality work in their library. Just to see if I can compete. And because it raises the standards.

I applied to about 10 agencies and 6 offered me a contract more or less right away. I had to let go of a few of them because I didn't like their conditions as much as I thought ;)

I chose alimdi.de, yourphototoday.com (which is made up of superbild.de and a1pix.com), and flora-press.de. Next step was to submit test images. Passed. Sign contract. Start producing.

I'm especially happy to be working with Flora Press for the next 5 years since they specialize in flowers, plants, diy tips, decorations, gardens etc. This, of course, is something that I have in my repertoire. My first submission was mostly wildflowers. But I'm looking forward to working on products that focus more on the decoration apsect of their library. I mean.......is there a better excuse for buying and setting up decorations? "It's my job!" or "I have to buy this, I need it for a shoot!"..... I cannot wait!

For me, boutique agencies are the way to go. Personally, I don't appreciate being a number and receiving automated email replies telling me to be patient until a person can get back to me within the next 5-7 business days. Been there, done that. Smaller agencies work closer with you, they are familiar with your work, they work closer with clients. Many clients approach them with specific image ideas which are passed on to you if the agency feels like it suits your style of photography. I could go on and on about the pros of this type of photo agency. But I will save that for a separate blog post and spare you right now ;)

So, here it is: the links to my modest contributions to Flora Press as well as Alimdi:

Sabine Jacobs on Flora Press

Sabine Jacobs on Alimdi

We are still working on the contract for YourPhotoToday. Well, that is, the mail service is still working on delivering the respective signed contracts......and it's been a month. Classic case of "it would have been faster just driving the contract there". It'll get there at some point and the submitting fun can begin.

♥ Sabine


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