So much new, so little time

Hey everybody,

I always knew that life can get really crazy. But the last few months have raised the crazy bar by a lot. Mostly in a good way though! Intense assigments, getting new camera gear (like.....a new camera), doing 2 interesting workshops...that was all side projects. Seriously. Almost developed nervous twitches. Getting curious? No time for that now but: big news are coming very soon so bear with me until then. Please!

Since this is a photography site and not a personal blog, let's simply focus on exactly that. Photography.

As some of you might know I have been very lucky and got to spend massive amounts of time in the greatest city on this planet - New York. So, months ago I decided to present a more personal perspective of the city on this page. And I swore and swore to myself that I'm going to do a post at least every other day. Well, and then life hit and the photography business hit. I pretty much got hit by a lot, suffice to say. There is a meager 6 photos in that portfolio so far. But I swear and I promise I will become better at uploading. Thank you for the nice feedback though...for the meager 6 photos!

I tried to squeeze in a few photo contests. Most of them won't end until later this year. But one of them ended last week and....I won in the category "Summer Gardens" with the image you see below! *proud grin*

When I wasn't working on assignments during the few quiet evenings I was lucky to get I was working on images for agency clients. One of the new or updated portfolios I like best is the Marguerite one I finally uploaded today. Simple concept: take one type of fllower and present it in many different styles. Done. Had a lot of fun with it. When time permitted.

Alright, gotta go again. Still not more time. BUT check back for some big news. Can't tell yet but it's coming! Until then click here to take a look at my "meager 6" or click here to see some of my marguerite shots. You could also click here and get visually refreshed by the additions to my Nature's Diamonds section! See! Still lots to look at even though the "big news" aren't here yet!

Thanks for reading these random rambles and, as always, take care and enjoy life,

♥ Sabine


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